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Our Mission

My mission with the company is to help those people who are in need and always gets neglected and gets denied the opportunity to get the same medical service and care as anyone else.

My soft spot are children and the elderly that are the ones that are mostly neglected and needs the special attention and care. Because I have a soft spot for them we support all of the old age homes and special homes for children. They are ones who are always neglected. We have special services and arrangements for there transportations to assist them in their need.

Fast and efficient care and response is our priority and every patient is our number one priority and we do al we can to the best of our ability so that we are able to help the patient.


Our Mission Statement

LIFE-LINE MEDICAL EMERGENCIES cc, a well equipped ambulance service with qualified personnel who are ready for any and every emergency. We are a growing service, which covers the greater Tshwane region and competition to all the major ambulance services in the area.

LIFE-LINE is situated in a central area to be able to respond to any emergency call in the minimum time possible and we are also very close to the major hospitals. Our specializations are long distance, ICU and inter hospital transfers as well as BLS, ILS and ALS Emergencies.

Our patients enjoy first priority, thus it is our duty to employ only the best. Our personnel are well trained and disciplined and they are passionate about their work. Their skills are continuously being developed through practice and discussions and they are comfortable with the latest technology in the EMS service. We always have Intermediate life support available 7 days a week and a registered nurse for the ICU and Code red patients.