Lifeline 24 Hour Advanced life Support

+27 (0) 861 332 332

  • First aid 1 -3
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Basic fire fighting
  • CPR training
  • Training for au pairs - especially first aid for the children
  • Risk assesment
  • Evacuation plans and disaster plans
  • Scaffolding and waiting heights


We take qualfied volunteers to work in our ambulances with our staff to give them more practical training and experience.

Schools Training

Special prices for school group bookings.

Group Training

We come to you for the training.

First aid tips

Always protect your self with gloves when working with any body fluid.

Bleeding -

Apply direct pressure to the area and get help as quickly as possible.

Epilepsy -

Stay with patient and DO NOT put anything in the mouth. If epileptic attack is over turn them on their side get medical assistance.

Back injury -

With any fall, accident or injury keep the patient as found and do not let him or her move to protect the spinal column and get help as soon as possible. Make sure the patient is also not moving his neck. Cause an back injuries goes together with neck and visa-versa.